Tucked away up the River Crouch off the wild, flat Dengie Peninsular lies the quaint little town of Burnham-on-Crouch with its eclectic mix of whitewashed, weatherboard and brick cottages that are so typical of an old market town.
Known as the Cowes of the east coast and immortalised in the classic song by Ian Dury and Blockheads, ‘Billericay Dickie’, this Essex town is one of those must-visit places. Historically, the town of Burnham-on-Crouch has always been famous for its fishing and oyster beds, but today it’s better known for its yachting heritage with Burnham Week – arguably the UK’s longest-running regatta dating back to 1893 – which takes place at the end of every August.
Situated on the north bank of the Crouch, Burnham is often regarded as a welcome retreat for those facing unenviable conditions out in the North Sea. It may be situated a fair way up river (13.5 miles) and it will undoubtedly put your navigation skills to good use as you weave your way through the sandbank channels down the Whitaker Channel, but it’s certainly worth the trip and has plenty to offer both on and off the water.

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